Clouds Movement

Step 1

Save on your computer the next picture:


Step 2

Open the Macromedia Flash MX and create a new document with the size 345×231 pixels. Import in the stage the picture “clouds.jpg”. For this, select File > Import, select the image and click “Open”. Now, on the layer “layer 1” you have the picture with the clouds. Cialis information-36-hour erection, FDA Approved drug for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Need generic Cialis (Tadalafil). Buy Cialis Save your time. BUY CIALIS PILLS – CLICK HERE. In the stage, right click on the picture and select Convert to Symbol. In the new window which appears select “Movie clip”:

select movie

Step 3

Double click on the new movie clip, in the main scene, to edit the movie. In the Timeline Tab, on the position 15, right click and choose Insert Frame. On the frame 10, right click and select Create Tween Motion. Select the frame 15 again, then right click and choose Insert Keyframe:

movie frame

Step 4

On the frame 15, in the main stage, move the picture in the new position like her We have the answers you seek. Best Price on Net for Protonix. Buy Protonix Compare Protonix prices from every licensed pharmacy & save 20 to 85%. Compare Prices with TaHerbal solutions for the past 70 years. e. Initial position:

initial posision

Final position:

final position

Step 5

Create a new layer. To do this click on the icon “Insert Layer” in the Timeline Tab:

insert layer

Step 6

Open the “Library Window”, if that is not open. Use CTRL+L to open the library. Select the “clouds.jpg” and drag it to the main stage. Make sure you are on the layer “layer 2”. Move the new picture in the position like below and flip it horizontal. To flip the picture horizontal select Modify > Transform > Flip Horizontal.
This is the initial position of this picture:

duplicate layer initial

Like you did on the step 3 create another tween movie this time on the layer “layer 2”. The final position should be something like this:

duplicate layer final

Step 7

Repeat the step 6 for another 4 times (each time you must flip horizontal the picture which you’ve imported from the library; then move it in the position like in the step 4; you must have an initial position on the frame 1 and the final position on the frame 15). More attention to the details and the result should be like this:

duplicate layer initial31

Set the frame rate to 11 fps and the results (you can obtain a result better like me with a nice photo and more attention):