Rock Cafe Website

If you have to make a website for a friend or for a customer you try to keep it clean and simple. This tutorial will teach you to make a clean website for a rock caffe. Many people think that this is somehow hard, because it`s about rock. You just have to find pictures related with the theme and pick an appropriate design.

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Glass Toolbar


If you plan to create a web page with glass effects, the best looking effect is the magnifying glass effect, because it looks like rounded pieces of glass floating over text. This tutorial will present you a nice toolbar created with this effect, but the techniques presented here can be used for buttons and other controls too. This assumes you master basic “Filters” and layer “Blending Options”.

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Rusty Metal Button


Let’s say you have to build a web page or a desktop application with a scrap, rusty metal look. Your buttons must look like real rusty metal sheets. This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple “metal” button. This tutorial assumes that you master the basics of “Filters” and layer’s “Blending Options”. Continue reading Rusty Metal Button