DVD Cover Design

Lots of times if you can’t find your favorite DVD’s at the store, you choose judging by the cover. Some covers are simple, some are too fancy. With this tutorial you will learn how to make a colorful, full of live design with Adove Photoshop. Be careful what picture you will choose for the support. For me this one looks good.
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Making Realistic Cast Shadows


In this tutorial we will integrate an object (a girl) into a new environment, and make a realistic cast shadow to properly integrate it. The objective of this tutorial isn’t to teach you how to make realistic self-shadowing, so the object’s self-shadow will be made pretty quick because they are not important on this step. This is an intermediate tutorial, the user must know how to use layers, layer blending and transform tools.
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Integrating a Creature into a New Environment


What we see around us is because of the light rays bouncing off objects. Taking objects from a specific environment and integrating/blending them into another environment is a very difficult task, because the color/lighting of the object is coming from it’s original environment. It is also difficult because it requires both image editing and digital painting knowledge. This tutorial will take you, step by step, on how to integrate a creature (a lion) into a new environment, totally different from the original one. This tutorial assumes that you master the basic Adobe Photoshop techniques and tools, like selecting, layering, painting, dodging and filtering.
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